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公開日:2008年10月 1日 人の認識に関する研究

Roll of Rhythmic Component in Proactive Controll of Human Hand


Evolutionally, the strategy of catching prey should have been important to survive in constantly changing environment. Prediction mechanism should have developed to compensate the delay of sensory-motor system. In previous study, "proactive control" was found, in which motion of hands preceded the virtual moving target. The results implied that the positive phase shift of the hand motion represents the proactive nature of the visual-motor control system to minimize the transient error of the hand motion when the target changes unexpectedly. In our study, visual target moves in circle (13cm in diameter) in computer screen, and each subject is asked to keep track with the target motion in circle by the motion of a cursor. As frequency of target increases, rhythmic component in velocity of cursor was found in spite of the fact that velocity of target is constant. The generation of rhythmic component cannot be explained by only feedback mechanism for the phase shift of target and cursor in sensory-motor system. Therefore, it implies that rhythmic component was generated to predict the velocity of target, which is feed forward mechanism in sensory-motor system. In this research, we discuss the generation of rhythmic component and its roll in feed forward mechanism.

Methods and Analysis

A subject was seated at 50cm in front of computer screen, and was asked to trace a moving visual target (red circle of 6mm diameter) as accurately as possible by the motion of a cursor (blue circle of 6mm diameter) in the screen produced by hand motion through a mechanical computer mouse(Fig.1).

figure1:Schematic picture of the hand tracking experiment

We analyze following physical quantities;
1. Phase shift between target and tracer
2. Velocity of tracer as a function of time
3. Frequency analysis of tracer
phase shift between target and tracer


ヒトの運動制御におけるリズム生成のメカニズム 2009.01.02

文責:田村 友里恵   カテゴリ:ヒトの運動制御におけるリズム生成の必要性計測自動制御学会東北支部(2008.12)

背景 研究の大きな目的は、ヒトの認識を明らかにすることである。 ヒトの認識とは何か。 まず、われわれ人間は外界から五感を通して刺激を受ける。 そして、その刺激に対して、何らかの反応がある。 いま、五感のなかでも特に視覚について考えてみる。 ... [詳細]

Roll of Rhythmic Component in Proactive Control of Human Hand 2008.11.20

文責:林 叔克   カテゴリ:ヒトの運動制御におけるリズム生成の必要性論文発表

Yoshikatsu Hayashi^{1,2}, Yurie Tamura^{1,3}, Fumihiko Ishida^4, Ken Sugawara^3, Yasuji Sawada^2 1 Department of Resear... [詳細]

【学会発表要綱】「先行制御」とリズムの自己生成の必要性 2008.08.11

文責:林 叔克   カテゴリ:ヒトの運動制御におけるリズム生成の必要性日本物理学会(2008.09)

手動目標追従実験においてターゲットの運動に先行して制御する「先行制御」が発見され(F. Ishida and Y.Sawada ,Physical Review Letter, 93, 168105 (2004).)、「先行制御」は動的な... [詳細]



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